West Seattle Green Space Coalition is a grass roots organization of West Seattle neighbors and activists who are asking that Seattle City Light stop from destroying trees on its surplus substations and to halt the sale of the surplus substations. These long-standing green spaces are needed to balance out the high density growth all over West Seattle. We are asking the Council to delay any action until neighborhoods can be involved in finding the best resolution and secure funding for these properties. There are many other City-owned surplus properties throughout Seattle – some are excellent prospects for Green Spaces, others, not so much: The Neighborhoods along with Seattle Green Groups should be given full participation in the process of deciding on the best uses for these parcels


  • Andover Substation (2100 SW Andover St.) (Pigeon Point)
  • Dakota Substation (4918 SW Dakota St.)
  • Delridge Substation (5601 23rd Ave. SW)
  • Dumar Substation (1605 SW Holden St.)
  • Fauntleroy Substation (4520 Brace Point Dr.)
  • White Center Substation (8820 9th Ave. SW)